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Factsheet Wind Energy Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a rapidly growing economy together with an increasing energy and electricity demand. Due to both rapid industrialization and remarkable economic growth, domestic energy consumption levels increased by approximately 12% per year between 2006 and 2016. Vietnam is considered to have the best wind resources in Southeast Asia, especially in the nearshore/offshore and onshore coastal regions in the south of Vietnam. Several wind measurement studies that have been conducted in these areas measured yearly average wind speeds of 6.5 up to more than 9 meters per second at 80 to 100 meters height. State-owned enterprise EVN is the single buyer in the electricity generation market and holds a monopoly on transmission and distribution.


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
E-mail: han-ea@minbuza.nl
Tel.: +84 (0)24 3831 5650

Consulate General of the Netherlands
E-mail : hcm-ea@minbuza.nl
Tel.: +84 (0)28 3823 5932

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