Inspiratie6 december 2023

Women Working Together: How to achieve better cooperation between different generations in the workplace

Continuing with our commitment to support the Gender Equity campaign, last month Holland House Mexico paired with the Belgian Mexican Business Chamber to organize the event “Women Working Together: How to achieve better cooperation between different generations in the workplace”. The event had the goal of becoming a space to talk about being a woman and a professional across generations. The main focus was to identify the knowledge and strengths of each age group, as well as their challenges and questions in order to find starting points to work on links that can support women at each stage of their career.


During the event we had the participation of the following speakers:

  • Carmen Ayza - Medical Area Director at Organon
  • Andrea Sánchez - Communications and Reputation Director at Grupo Modelo
  • Begoña Irigoyen - Supply Chain Commercial Analyst at Shell


The speakers shared their thoughts and experiences to an audience composed of women leaders of various companies and industry sectors. The discussions and commentary generated at the event led to the following ideas that are intended to help women to improve their work environment:


Younger women identified the relevance of supporting more senior generations on the technological gap, allowing for an easier and more efficient process of adaptation to new technologies.


More senior women identified as an area of opportunity that there must be a kind of mentoring that goes beyond a simple mentor/mentee relationship. It can be a dual relationship where they are both mentees and mentors within the same collaboration. It can also be organized through thematic groups where spaces are opened to talk about specific topics - with participation of all genders.


Across the board all generations agreed there should be empathy and collaboration so that women of all ages can support each other.


We want to express a special thanks to Ambassador Wilfred Mohr for his continuous support of these types of initiatives, this time hosting the event at his Residence.Holland House Mexico will continue to organize and support events and initiatives of this type.