Gepubliceerd op 20 februari 2023

Sustainable activities - Project "Cuidemos juntos el planeta azul"

Members of Holland House Mexico (HHM) develop concrete actions that support the implementation of the United Nations goals for 2030 through the sustainability committee.

We are excited to share with you all a social-community project that this group has developed as part of its activities. We are confident that it will have an impact on future generations and help them understand the value of water in our communities.

Working with future generations through the values that environmental education promotes is critical to developing a long-term sustainable relationship with the essential liquid. With this initiative, we hope to increase public awareness of issues such as water conservation, environmental problems, and quality of life, as well as the long-term effects of failing to work together.

The HHM Sustainability Committee and the Fundación Educación por la Experiencia A.C have agreed to work together to complete this initiative, through its program:


Promoting an educational model for understanding the relationship between all living things and the world based on values and ethical principles.

We want to express our gratitude to our members, which have been essential to the development of this project:

  • Asayan
  • Centrient
  • Fugro
  • GreenID
  • Grupo Goca
  • Latina Corner
  • Think TIM
  • Fermaca Marine
  • Shell
  • Studio Why

What inspired this project?

  • Water shortage

The world is currently dealing with issues including water stress, shortages, and contamination. To reverse the processes and safeguard the Human Right to Water and Sanitation, starting with our environment, it is vital to start bringing awareness to the issue and act.

  • Sharing knowledge

Go beyond reflection and start acting from your daily actions and decisions to ensure that the next generation has the information and resources they need to positively impact their environment.

  • The Netherlands' relationship with water

The history and prosperity of the Netherlands are linked to its relationship with water. One-third of the country is below sea level and two-thirds are prone to flooding, this condition makes water management one of the pillars of society and the sustainable development of the country. The Dutch experience in this area is of great importance internationally and in Mexico, it is mainly expressed in the development of sustainable projects.

How is this project organized?

For fourth grade students, along by their instructors and parents, HMM and the EXE Foundation have created a book containing educational content and activities.

We want to express our gratitude to Fernando Flores for his significant commitment to this project. Our member GreenID created a narrative for kids with the goal of teaching them how to preserve water and take some action to save it in our environment.

As part of the first stage of this project, a 6-week pre-pilot program was carried out with the Alfred Binet School in the City of Puebla, which raised awareness among the kids who took part in these activities.

Alfred Binet School - Prepilot Program

We are currently working together with the Francisco Villa Public Elementary School in the city of Puebla on the 12-week program, where we are very proud to put everyone's efforts into practice to carry out this program, which we consider is very important to generate awareness in the younger generations.

Escuela Primaria Francisco Villa
Activities - Escuela Primaria Francisco Villa

We are certain that this initiative will contribute to the future of our communities and create awareness on a topic, that is essential for everyone. We are eager to continue generating impact through this project and grow in new spaces for the benefit of a larger number of communities in Mexico.

If you are interested in being part of this program, contact us: