Gepubliceerd op 22 november 2021

Lia Bijnsdorp: HHM Entrepreneur of the Year 2021!

On 19 November 2021, the HHM 'Entrepreneur of the year 2021' was elected. After a race between the three finalists,  Lia Bijnsdorp from United Producers of Mexico eventually won the title. Zohar Timmerman Cruz Perera from MexNed Servicio de Limpieza  came in second, followed by Marc Wehmeijer from ThinkTim in third place.

Holland House Mexico would like to congratulate Lia Bijnsdorp for winning the HHM 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2021' award. You are an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

This year’s award election started in October, when the first of two rounds to nominate the entrepreneurs took place. Entrepreneurs could either nominate themselves or were nominated by third parties. Consequently, a total of 11 nominations were made throughout October. After careful selection, our expert jury selected 3 candidates as finalists.

On 2 November the second and final round of this year's competition started. The candidates competed against each other through a public online poll made available through our social media channels and website. 

On 19 November, both the nominees, jury and other guests took part in a celebratory cocktail event! During this event the winner was announced and was handed out the certificate alongside with the trophy! An in-dept interview with Lia will also be published on our website shortly.

On behalf of Holland House Mexico, we would like to thank all nominees for participating in the election. Most importantly we´d like to congratulate all Dutch entrepreneurs in Mexico on their outstanding performance and resilience in terms of entrepreneurship. We wish you a happy Day of the Entrepreneur!

The 2021 nominees were:

La Poffería - Glenn van Damme

Tafarert project - Jeroen Visser

RH Agroalimentaria - Jan de Lange 

MexNed servicio de limpieza - Zohar Timmerman Cruz Perera

Michael Coopman - OMVE Lab & Pilot Equipment 

Debbie Vorachen - Temco Rental Cars

Lia Bijnsdorp - United Producers of Mexico

Leonard Mertens - Advies Consultants

Marc Wehmeijer - ThinkTim

Dennis de Zeeuw - Horti soluciones

Our special thanks to jury members Pavel Medina, Anne de Guellec and Everard van Zoelen winner of last year’s edition, for their valuable support in selecting candidates for the HHM Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021. Last but not least, thank you all for voting!