Gepubliceerd op 23 november 2021

HHM Celebrates the Day of the Entrepreneur 2021

On Friday November 19th it was finally the time... Holland House Mexico celebrated its first cocktail event of the year!

The attendance of this event was amazing, around 50 people were present to celebrate the HHM Entrepreneur of the Year 2021.

The event started at 19:00pm when the first guests started arriving, and one hour later everyone were gathered including the Ambassadors, nominees and many more guests of many different companies.

At around 20:00pm Wilfred Mohr started the speech where he gave a special word of gratitude to everyone for being present that evening. Afterwards, the Holland House Mexico President: Karel van Laack prepared a nice speech in which he thanked each and every entrepreneur for their efforts and their contributions here in Mexico, and of course also he gave his compliments to all of the 11 nominees for being nominated.

The nominees were:

La Poffería - Glenn van Damme

Tafarert project - Jeroen Visser

RH Agroalimentaria - Jan de Lange 

MexNed servicio de limpieza - Zohar Timmerman Cruz Perera

Michael Coopman - OMVE Lab & Pilot Equipment 

Debbie Vorachen - Temco Rental Cars

Lia Bijnsdorp - United Producers of Mexico

Leonard Mertens - Advies Consultants

Marc Wehmeijer - ThinkTim

Dennis de Zeeuw - Horti soluciones

The finalists:

MexNed servicio de limpieza - Zohar Timmerman Cruz Perera

Lia Bijnsdorp - United Producers of Mexico

Marc Wehmeijer - ThinkTim

All of the 3 finalists from which 2 were also present during this evening were of course also mentioned, and the finalists could feel the suspense as the winner was to be announced shortly after.

After the speech of Karel, the Manager of Holland House Mexico Carin Verbree started by announcing the 3rd place of the HHM Entrepreneur of the year award first.

This was Marc Wehmeijer with his company ThinkTim! and afterwards Lia already started feeling nervous, since she knew that she had a chance of becoming the HHM Entrepreneur of the year 2021.

The winner then was announced and it was.... Lia Bijnsdorp with her company United Producers Of Mexico! She could not believe what she heard, and was filled with joy and happiness.

This means that the second place went to Zohar Timmerman Cruz Perrera and her company MexNed servicio de limpieza, also this was of course an amazing result!

After the announcement photos were taken with Lia Bijnsdorp and she received many congratulations from everyone who was present during the evening!

Concluding this ceremony it was of course time to continue socializing and networking with all the guests who were present. Holland House Mexico wants to congratulate the finalists for coming this far and for their contributions to a better Mexico!

A special thanks to all the people who present during this evening! We hope to see you soon in one of our future events!

Lia congratulations from Holland House Mexico with this amazing achievement!!