Gepubliceerd op 14 september 2021

Dutch enterprises & government stand shoulder to shoulder with Vietnam: 43 billion in donations

In times of crisis, partners become friends

Undoubtedly, the (fourth wave of) Covid pandemic is the biggest crisis that has hit Vietnam after “The Great Renovation” that opened up Vietnam to the rest of the world. The government of the Netherlands and Dutch businesses in Vietnam offer a helping hand to the people of Vietnam with a combined donation of 43 billion VND through different public and private channels, consisting of:

  • Medical equipment and supplies (ventilators and patient monitors)
  • Vaccine fund contributions
  • Food contributions
  • Support to healthcare workers
  • Support to communities in need

This is only for the fourth wave: the pandemic has been going on for almost two years now and there have been many more donations right from the start.

View all public and private donations below. If you want to share your donation or have feedback for us, feel free to reach out to

Total Dutch public and private donation value:

43,000,000,000 VND (1,900,000 USD)

Read the one page of the donation report here in English and Vietnamese

– [ENG] Dutch Public-Private Donations Covid19 Response Vietnam

– [VIE] Dutch Public-Private Donations Covid19 Response Vietnam

Read the stories, donations and the press release on our website

Ambassador Elsbeth Akkerman expressed that the Dutch government and business community will continue to support and accompany Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19 at her meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh