Gepubliceerd op 24 april 2023

6 Points Every Foreign Company Should Consider when Coming to Brazil.

By - G. Jacintho

1.     Legal Representation

To assist the foreign company in understanding Brazilian laws and regulations.

2.     Taxes – Landing costs

The company should take into account taxes and importation fees when planning their entry costs into the Brazilian market.

3.     Regulatory Issues

The company should be aware of specific regulatory norms in their industry and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

4.     Labor costs x Fringe Benefits

The company should be aware of labor costs and additional benefits required by Brazilian law to ensure their employees are treated according to Brazilian labor laws.

5.     Place of operation - Physical address

The company should select a physical address to operate in Brazil and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

6.     Local Infrastructure or outsourcing

The company should evaluate local infrastructure available and the possibility of outsourcing services to ensure operational efficiency and cost reduction.

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