Gepubliceerd op 19 augustus 2021

NLBC: Interview with Oryx

Oryx is an international matchmaking company with activities in Germany, Belgium and France. Meet Anneke van der Pasch, owner of Oryx who took the challenge to develop activities of Oryx in France. 

1. Oryx as company
At Oryx we help companies to be commercially successful across the border. We help Dutch companies find good sales people in Germany, Belgium and France. And vice versa of course. We also make sure that they, their team and their new colleague are well prepared for good intercultural cooperation. Therefore, our business activities have a link with NLBC.

2. Why France?
We make a deliberate choice for specialism, quality, and sustainable results. Personally, I have a background and business experience in France. One day I fell in love with a French guy and moved to Annecy - France. My former employer gave me the chance to set up their French activities. It was extremely fascinating to build something beautiful from scratch. It was exciting, motivating, I learned a lot and got a soft spot for the country. Just like my colleague Daan, who is a real Francophile!

3. Oryx biggest challenge
Looking back, the biggest challenge I experienced was the bureaucracy in France. Simple things, like getting a subscription for my cell phone, suddenly became complex due to a large number of documents that had to be submitted and the many signatures that were required. I also would have been sent from pillar to post at the local government offices if my then French boyfriend hadn't been there to help me.

4. Starting or expanding a business in France
We love the profession of International Recruitment and are always looking for Dutch companies that want to start or expand commercially in France or vice versa. We are eager to help them and every time enjoy working with them to determine the right commercial direction and to implement it with the right people.

5. My advice to anyone who wants to be successful in France
Be open to all the new things that come your way, be curious and don't make things too difficult for yourself. Thoroughly prepare yourself, get advice and make use of the knowledge and experience of specialists in this area and companies that have already taken this step.

Oryx is member of the Netherlands Business Council France.