Gepubliceerd op 19 oktober 2023

AMCHAM, EUROCAM and other international chambers meet with Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum to discuss Mexico's future

EUROCAM, AMCHAM Mexico and representatives of various international chambers participated on Monday 16 October in a plural and open dialogue with Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, Coordinator of the Defense of the Fourth Transformation.

"These spaces for dialogue that involve those interested in running for the presidency of Mexico are of great importance towards building a path of competitiveness, sustainability, and shared development for Mexico," said Daniel Baima, President of AMCHAM. "We must talk, listen, and put on the table the issues that, in the experience of the private sector, make investments viable. To generate innovation, good paying jobs, the rule of law, and greater opportunities in all regions of the country, networking and strong relations are key." During her presentation, Claudia Sheinbaum showed the significant role of US investment in Mexico, representing 53% of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that the country receives.

During his intervention, Daniel Baima presented Dr. Sheinbaum with the document "Route 2024-2030" prepared with the recommendations to the companies that make up the chamber, which is being presented to all citizens interested in participating in the next electoral process. The document covers 22 lines of action, supported by 6 pillars:

i)                 Security and the Rule of Law
ii)                Economy and public finances
iii)               Foreign trade: The Era of North America
iv)               Investment attraction
v)                Well-being and sustainable growth
vi)               Innovation and the digital economy

Antonio Basagoiti Pastor, President of the Mexican Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of European Countries (EUROCAM), pointed out the progress that Mexico has made and that has created a favorable environment for investment. "We are optimistic about the country, Mexico has healthy finances and social improvement that makes it an ideal country for the development of companies," said Basagoiti Pastor.

He also stressed that public safety,
the rule of law, and citizen security could further boost investment. "Certainty about the rules of the game and improvement in security, in the integrity of our collaborators, and in the tranquility of our businesses, would help us take even more advantage of the relocation," asserted the President of EUROCAM.

According to data from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, members of the European Union (EU) represent 31% of the investment that Mexico received in the period from 2006 to the first quarter of 2023, which positions the EU as the second most important investor in the country.

Attendees of the meeting agreed on the shared challenges, and that public-private collaboration is the way to continue positioning Mexico as a key player by creating the necessary enablers  to strengthen its role in the global economy.

The event was attended by the leaders of the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial, AMIB, Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, Chamber of Commerce of Ireland, Holland House Mexico, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, Jewish Committee, AMAFORE, CONCANACO, CONCAMIN, CANACO CDMX; CNA, AMIS, Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among others.