Nieuws17 november 2023

HHM Celebrates the Day of the Entrepreneur 2023

Last Tuesday, Holland House Mexico, in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City, celebrated the Day of the Entrepreneur at the residence of Ambassador Wilfred Mohr. For the 5th consecutive year, HHM had the honor to crown the “Entrepreneur of the Year”: an achievement for outstanding entrepreneurship. Congratulations to the 2023 winner: Pharis Rico from Horticonnect and Plantanova. 


Pharis Rico is Managing Director of both HortiConnect and Plantanova. Horticonnect is a business consortium of Dutch companies active in the Mexican horticulture industry. Over the past decade, the consortium has triggered the successful installation of all key players in the Dutch horticulture industry in the Bajío region of Mexico. Horticonnect is known to increase productivity using sustainable agriculture methods. Plantanova is a nursery for young plant propagation. Over the years, Pharis has connected Dutch possibilities to Mexican companies under the highest quality standards. He is a reference in the horticultural field in Querétaro, wider Mexico, and The Netherlands. Current activities include the opening of a Dutch BV. 


Since 2019, Holland House Mexico has organized the celebration of entrepreneurship with a networking cocktail for members and entrepreneurs, as well as the election of the “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Each year, after an open nomination round, a qualified jury selects 3 finalists based on scorings in the categories a) Novelty, b) Consolidation of Business, c) Impact on society and environment. Public voting, in combination with the jury´s input ultimately determines the winner. The winner receives the HHM Entrepreneur of the Year – Trophy, as well as a 1-year honorary affiliation to the Chamber.


HHM congratulates all entrepreneurs on their innovation, creativity, and perseverance. A special congratulations to the 2024 nominees and finalists:

  • Fernando Flores, Green ID
  • Marc Wehmeijer, Think Tim
  • Germán García, Partem Projects
  • Marco Aceves, Taamay
  • Monica Vulling, Green CO2
  • Ana Paula Perez, Studio Why
  • DulceTrujillo, Red Explorer Travel & Leisure
  • Therese Van Den Bosch, Van den Bosch Financial Planning


The Day of the Entrepreneur is an initiative of MKB Nederland that takes place in the third week of November.  The celebration is a global initiative to promote and encourage entrepreneurship.  In more than 150 countries, entrepreneurship takes center stage on this special day that has been part of Global Entrepreneurship Week since 2016. 


Special thanks to our expert jury:

  • Ana Cecilia Haro, Entrepreneur of the Year 2022
  • Cesar Vera, Vice–President of HHM
  • Cecilia Rodriguez-Gomez, Cofounder Eneryou


The Royal Association MKB-Nederland is the largest entrepreneurs’ organization in the Netherlands. Some 120 industry organizations and 250 regional offices are affiliated to this umbrella organization. MKB-Nederland promotes the interests of some 150.000 entrepreneurs.

Click here to see the photo thst were taken that night