Gepubliceerd op 21 april 2021

The Need for Climate Action is Now: Initiate Change with ClimateLaunchPad

A lot has been said about Climate Change and the consequences that are already happening in the world. Although we all are aware of this climate crisis, there is still a lack of efforts that the general public must improve on.

Perhaps the most promising international agreement that has been initiated is the Agreement of Paris of 2015 during the COP event. During this time, many countries had set ambitious targets of carbon emission reductions, energy transition plans, and access to finance for novel solutions that can help maintain global warming under the 2ºC above the pre-industrial levels. 

There are many protest chants such as "There is no planet B", "Planet over profit", or " We want a future" where the main responsibility relies on the big corporations and governments that are taking little to no action. However, responsibility does not fall solely into their hands, as we need to take action urgently to combat the climate crisis. 

For the first time in Mexico, the world’s largest green business ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad will be executed. The competition is looking for any idea or concept that can innovate renewable energy, improve the sustainable transition in the food chain, shift the concept of urban mobility, or any other way to tackle climate change. As long as it is within the cleantech domain: “a scientific innovation that uses existing technology to do more with fewer resources, and has a commercial driver.”

ClimateLaunchPad of 2019

ClimateLaunchpad Mexico aims to boost local initiatives that will make a difference in Mexico. The organizing team consisting of GreenID, MiCochinito, and Behold have joined efforts to make a practical and effective approach to face climate change. We want to help all entrepreneurs and people that have the intention to start the change but still need a small push to see that they can be the game changers that can provide a better future for humanity. 

All applicants will have access to training to enhance their ideas, pitches, and business models. We are looking for enthusiastic people that want to become the change in their communities, so it does not matter if you have already started your company or just have an idea, everyone is welcome to join. There are only 10 spots available for boot camp training that will go through a business incubation model. These participants and their ideas will compete at the same time with the other 57 countries that are hosting the program. 

Throughout the year, ClimateLaunchpad Mexico will be organizing events with a call-to-action perspective, so even if you can not make it into the final list, you can still be a part of the initiative to tackle climate change. Be a part of the change by submitting your application before 17 May 2021!

Click here to find more information and registration details for this initiative. 

We would like to thank Fernando Flores of the HHM Member GreenID for helping us with this call to action.