Gepubliceerd op 30 augustus 2021

NedSpice has donated more than 170 million VND to support Vietnam during Wave 4

Donation: ±7.400 USD

During the Wave 4, NedSpice has supported local communities in many ways including money, food, and medical equipment donations worthing more than 170 million VND.

  • Delivery of food packages (3x)
    • Activity 1: Donate foods (instant noodle, milk, egg, etc.) for 300 medical people and milk for serious patients at Thuan An hospital. We arrange necessary foods and deliver directly to the hospital. Estimated cost: ~$1500
    • Activity 2: Donate money (~$1000) to local Labor Union who appeals some companies to join their charity schedule to provide foods (milk, sausage, etc.) for 600 children in local quarantined areas.
  • Medical equipment for Thuan Ann Center of Disease Control (~ US$5,000)
  • Furthermore we’ve continued operations as much as possible, incl. payment to all our employees at 70-100% rate, without lay-offs