Gepubliceerd op 31 mei 2019

Fruit, vegetable exports top USD 1.6 billion


Export turnover of fruits and vegetables has exceeded USD 1.6 billion since the beginning of 2019, a year-on-year rise of 8.9%.

China remained Vietnam’s top market with a value of more than over USD 1 billion, though the country is bringing in stricter regulations on product origin tracing, issuance of import licenses and quality inspections.

These new regulations could affect Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports.

Fruit-vegetable exports to some countries such as the US, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the Netherlands recorded high growth, but the proportion of exports to these markets remains low.

The fruit and vegetable sector aims to gross nearly USD 4.2 billion in export turnover in 2019.

Last year, Vietnam exported USD 3.8 billion worth of fruits and vegetables, 8.9% more than the previous year.