Gepubliceerd op 7 augustus 2018

Factsheet Maritime sector in Vietnam

The maritime sector contributed about 8% to the national GDP in 2016. Moreover, Vietnam is currently the 2nd largest in ASEAN and ranks 5th in the world for shipbuilding. The government has declared the maritime sector one of its priorities and is investing in increasing its output capacity as well as the technology level of the sector. The reason is that Vietnam is a major regional trading hub in Asia due to its geographical position as gateway to South China and ASEAN markets and its coastline of over 3000km along all major inter-Asia shipping routes from China to South-East Asia. The Vietnamese ports are well placed along the inter-Asian shipping routes to take advantage of growing intra-Asia trade volumes. Dutch business might find itself in the position to profit from these positive developments.

Sector: Logistiek (topsector), Machine-industrie, Water (topsector)
Related to: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Publisher: Embassy of the Netherlands in Hanoi, Consulate General of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City
Year published: 2018