Gepubliceerd op 7 augustus 2018

Country Trade View: China

Trends in global trade

After accelerating from 8.5% in the 1990s to an average growth rate of 11.5% in the 2000s , economic growth in China currently hovers around 6.5%, a pace ING believes China can sustain through the current decade. China’s economy is slowly rebalancing towards more consumption-driven growth, at the expense of exports. We expect the share of investment in the economy to decline as well, provided the over-investment in manufacturing established during the 2009-10 credit boom, is reversed. There are concerning signals that multinationals, such as Dutch enterprises, are increasingly hesitant to do business in China. Fear of cyber theft, intellectual property rights laws and unequal treatment of domestic and foreign firms by the Chinese government are among their concerns.  

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Publisher: ING
Year published: 2016