Gepubliceerd op 22 november 2023

Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Surgery in Mexico

In the field of medicine and medical technology, every advance represents an opportunity to improve the quality of life of patients. In this context, ARF Medical, a company dedicated to the import and distribution of implants and high specialty medical devices with the highest quality standards, has achieved a great impact in cardiovascular surgery in Mexico thanks to our innovative device, iVAC 2L. 

The iVAC 2L, a pulsatile percutaneous left ventricular assist percutaneous transfemoral catheter developed by PulseCath, has proven to be a very useful tool for cardiac surgeons in Mexico. This device has made remarkable advances in cardiovascular surgery, making a substantial difference in the way critical cardiac conditions are approached. 

One of the most notable achievements of us ARF Medical in collaboration with the iVAC 2L is the successful completion of the first three high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) surgeries in Mexico. These high-risk surgeries represent a significant milestone in the Mexican medical community and offer new perspectives for patients with high-risk heart disease.

In addition to this achievement, we have decided to make an even greater difference in Mexican society. One of the high-risk surgeries performed with the iVAC 2L was generously offered as a donation to Asociación Latidos por México, a cardiovascular care foundation for those who need it most. 

We are pleased and proud to be part of this exciting stage in cardiovascular surgery in the country. The iVAC 2L has not only proven to be an effective tool in the operating room, but has also brought hope to patients who would otherwise face uncertain outcomes. 

The ability to provide pulsatile left ventricular assist in high-risk situations has revolutionized cardiovascular surgery in Mexico and has put us in a prominent position at the forefront of cardiac medicine in the country. 

We will continue to work tirelessly to achieve further successes in cardiovascular surgery and to expand the reach of this innovative technology in Mexico. 

In conclusion, our iVAC 2L catheter is a clear example of how innovation and dedication can make a significant difference in medicine. These achievements are not only a source of pride for our company, but also represent a step forward in cardiovascular care in Mexico. 

We look forward to continuing to contribute to the well-being of our community and to providing life-changing solutions.