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Cities of Opportunity
Cities of Opportunity
Your stepping stones to international business: discover opportunities in 40 promising cities around the world.
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International Business Academy
International Business Academy
Learn how to bridge cultural gaps, spot global opportunities, or solve practical customs issues when importing goods.
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NL Business Hubs
NL Business Hubs
Get local support in 40 cities selected by NLinBusiness to help realise your international ambitions.
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For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

Be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs who have already stepped up to international business.

Dianne Philipsen - Munich

Could I open a shop abroad? That question was yet to be answered. However, Henri Willig's cheeses had been enthusiastically received by international customers for decades.

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Christiaan Rommens - Ho Chi Minh City

In Vietnam, It is very important that you have all the legal documents in perfect order and prepare all the paperwork well. Christiaan Rommens has a lot to tell by now.

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International Business - Worldwide

With our network we have produced many specials on international business, from city-specific email series to free consultation sessions. All to make doing business abroad easier.

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Cities of Opportunity

We have selected 40 cities with opportunities all over the globe. In our view, these are the cities with the highest chance of success for Dutch SME entrepreneurs.

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Antwerp is the most important port city of Belgium. After Germany, Belgium is the most important trading partner of the Netherlands.


Bangkok is the Thai epicenter of trade and the driving force behind the country's investments and developments.


Bucharest is developing at a rapid pace. It is Romania's capital and its industrial and commercial center.


The population of Colombia is young and ambitious. Bogotá plays an important role in the country's international trade.


Dubai continues to grow. And that makes sense thanks to its ideal tax climate, a pleasant way of doing business and its strategic location.


Guangzhou is a modern, ambitious industrial city located in southern China’s Pearl River Delta.

Ho Chi Minh City

Trade with Vietnam has been on the rise for years. After Germany, we are the second largest European trading partner of the Vietnamese.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a leading international business city and houses one of the most open economies in the world.


Indonesia's capital Jakarta is a dynamic city with one of the largest markets of Southeast Asia. Growing rapidly in the years to come!

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the regional business hub in Southeast Asia. Did you know that more than 250 Dutch SMEs are already active in Malaysia?


With its impressive financial centre and infrastructure, London is the business artery of the United Kingdom.

Mexico City

Mexico City is the political and economic centre of Mexico and also the richest city in Latin America.


With 13 million inhabitants, Mumbai is India's largest city and the gateway to a market of 1.3 billion Indians.


Southern Germany has the highest economic growth in the country and the lowest unemployment rate. Munich is the heart of this top-class region.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the unofficial capital of Sillicon Valley and its highly educated population makes it a city full of opportunities.


Santiago is the economic center of Chile. The country scores best of all countries in South America on the 'Ease of doing business index'

São Paulo

São Paolo is Brazil's largest city. The country continues to have a growing, emerging economy with plenty of opportunities.

Panama City

Panama City is more than just the Panama Canal. In fact, this Hub of the Americas has the fastest growing economy in all of Latin America.


Warsaw, Poland is a centre for young and high-growth companies and attracts entrepreneurs from all over Central and Eastern Europe.

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