Our team


The NLinBusiness team knows the world like the back of its hand. We speak our languages, know company cultures and have an unprecedented worldwide network. Together with our partners, we are happy to provide you with all the information you need to become successful abroad.

anke keijsers profielfoto
Anke Keijsers Project Manager Virtual Gateway NL Dubai Expo
Daan Marks Manager Projects & Programs
Dirk de Bie
Dirk de Bie Manager External Relations
Edo Offerhaus Managing Director
Esther Weij manager Interne zaken bij NLinBusiness
Esther Weij Manager Internal Affairs
Flin Veenstra International Business Manager
Jaap Bouwens Digital Strategist
Machiel Tiddens Director Digital Platform
Noa van Hunen Business Analyst
Rianne Hensen Business Development Manager
Rob van den Broek Digital Strategist
Stefin Gubbels content medewerker
Stefi Gubbels Partner Engagement Specialist
Tamara Stoet
Tamara Stoet Management & Team Assistent