Global Impact of The Dutch Elections

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On March 30th the webinar ‘Global Impact of the Dutch Elections’ took place, missed it? Read the summary here or watch the recording below. You can also browse through this page to learn more about the Dutch elections and doing business internationally.  Should you have any additional questions regarding this webinar or about doing business internationally in particular? Please reach out to us.


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NL bezorgd over buitenland in verkiezingen

Clingendael Institute

Wat vinden de partijen van het buitenland?

Clingendael Institute

Het buitenlandbeleid in 5 vragen

Clingendael Institute

Waar is het buitenland in deze campagne?

AD / Rem Korteweg

Dutch election news abroad





Great Britain









The Journal



Learn more about the speakers

Ingrid Thijssen

President VNO-NCW

Cees Westera

Managing Partner at Public Matters

Rem Korteweg

Senior Research Fellow at Clingendael

Frank Heemskerk

Secretary General ERT

Stefan Wijers


About the event

The Netherlands is a country with a strong focus on export. The outcome of the upcoming Dutch elections (15-17 March) will significantly impact international business activities. This is why we are happy to organise the webinar: Global Impact of The Dutch Elections on March 30th from 14:00-15:00.

Join us for a keynote speech of Ingrid Thijssen, president of VNO-NCW, who will reflect on the elections’ results and its impact on doing business internationally. The speech will be followed by a panel discussion with experts such as Cees Westera, Managing Partner at Public Matters, Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, moderator Stefan Wijers, and many others who will shine their lights on the election outcome from different perspectives.



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Organising Partners

This event is an initiative of the International Chambers in the Netherlands, NLinBusiness and the NL Business Hub network. Together they represent over 40 organisations active in the Dutch Bilateral Trade in the Netherlands and abroad.

British Netherlands Chamber of Com.
CCI France Pays-Bas
Chamber of Commerce NL – Turkey foundation
Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Duits-Nederlandse Handelskamer
Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Ireland Netherlands Business Association
Italian Chamber of Commerce for NL
Netherlands Canada Chamber of Commerce
Netherlands China Business Council
Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association
Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade
Netherlands-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Polish Chamber of Commerce in NL
Southern African NL Chamber of Com.
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in NL

Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China | East China | Shanghai
Benelux Chamber of Commerce | South China | Pearl River Delta
Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce
Dutch Business Association Turkey
Dutch Business Association Vietnam
Dutch Business Network Indonesia
Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines
Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore
Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Holland House Chili
Holland House Colombia
Holland House Mexico
Malaysian Dutch Business Council
Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel voor België en Luxemburg
Netherlands Business Council France
Netherlands Polish Chamber of Commerce
Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce
Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce
NL Business Hub Munich
The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce
The Netherlands Business Council UAE
The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan