Gepubliceerd op 22 april 2024

Sector Study on Horticulture in Portugal

The increasing interest shown by Dutch companies and entrepreneurs to become acquainted and, eventually, deciding to invest in the Portuguese agricultural sector has led the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to commission to AGRO.GES the preparation of an independent study on the horticultural sector in Portugal. 

This study aims at providing Dutch investors with an overview of the Portuguese agricultural sector, with a particular focus on the horticultural sector, its current situation and expected evolution. 

As such, the study presents an overview of the main national and regional agriculture-related indicators, followed by an overview of the main soil, water an land use issues. A detailed analysis of a wide range of specific crops is then presented, allowing for a more in-depth knowledge on how these crops are being implemented in Portugal. 

The study continues with the presentation of the main agricultural value chains, including a focus on covered cultivation in Portugal. 

Finally, the main constraints to be faced by a foreign investor and the existing financing opportunities are also addressed.