Gepubliceerd op 22 juni 2021

It isn’t only about the tax reform: Colombia’s years-long struggles

Since the 28th of April, Colombians have been taking the streets of the major cities across the country, to protest against a tax reform which would see individuals and businesses increasingly taxed as a response to the pandemic. President Iván Duque deems the reform ‘necessary’ but he agreed to withdraw it and instead present a new version once consensus is reached.

On Monday 3rd of May, the minister of Finance announced his resignation. The protests, however, have not stopped and more strikes and marches are planned for the days ahead. Trying to grasp the complexity of the current protests requires the understanding of the country’s history and the lived experiences on the ground.

This report covers the last two years and a half of social unrest in Colombia. Protests did not start in 2018. Depending on who you ask, problems in the country started at different times. However, what matters is not to understand where the conflict started - but that it never ended, and it only built up. This calls for a reforming action by the government, which could start from the implementation of what agreed in 2016. Foreseeably, this won’t be the last protests we will witness to in Colombia this year.

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Source: Dyami