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Meet Changemaker Marcel Belt, CEO of Marcel’s Greensoap

Meet Changemaker Marcel Belt, CEO of Marcel’s Greensoap

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Part of the ‘Solving Global Challenges Together’ campaign of the NL Business Hub Network

At the helm of Marcel's Greensoap is Marcel Belt, a visionary who saw beyond the norm, turning everyday choices into a quest for sustainability. His journey began at home, observing his daughters' eco-conscious decisions that halted at the bathroom door. It was a simple yet profound realisation - sustainability in consumer goods needed a makeover. Marcel took the reins, founding The Green Soap Company, to morph green living from a chore to a charming pursuit. In this interview, Marcel unveils the ethos of Marcel's Greensoap, sharing his blueprint for blending appeal with eco-responsibility in a market ready for change.

1. What was your "Eureka!" moment, when you realised that you needed to contribute to sustainability efforts?

My daughters are very environmental concious when it comes to chocolate, tea, dairy, meat. But in their choice of handsoaps, showergels and laundry detergents they tend to stick to their old brands. That is when I realized that we have to make these products attractive and appealing to consumer to really make a big impact.

2. Which personal steps are you taking to make a difference?

For this reason I started the Green Soap Company. We introduce green products to the market that are at the same time appealing to use for large groups of consumers

3. What is a personal sustainability initiative or project that you have worked on and are most proud of, and why?

We try to put important sustainable topics for our categories on the agenda, such as 100% Post-consumer plastic for all our packaging, all our products are 100% vegan and microplastic-free. And we are teh frist brand in Western Europe that actively works on making products free of palmoil

4. People often say that individually they can’t make a difference, for example by eating less meat. What is your thought on that?

I strongly believe in leading by example. So show to people around you how things can be done differently and it even make you feel better, then people around you are more likely to adopt this new attitude

5. Which changemaker has inspired you?

People that believe in something new and then relentless drive for that change. Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobbs, Pieter Omzigt, Arne Slot, Greta Thurnberg

Part of the ‘Solving Global Challenges Together’ campaign of the NL Business Hub Network