Gepubliceerd op 3 januari 2022

NLBC: Interview with CIC Nord Ouest

Meet Corina van Broekhoven, Head of International Desk at CIC Nord Ouest

CIC Nord Ouest is a French bank, within the French banking group Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale.

1. Could you tell us a bit about CIC Nord Ouest?

CIC Nord Ouest is a French bank, within the French banking group Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale.

In Lille, in the North of France, the CIC has an international business desk.

This international desk is assisting foreign companies with banking in France.  Our services include setting up your company, managing your current account and online access in English and we are also there to help you with any questions relating to leasing, financing and business development.

2. Why did you choose France?

CIC is a French bank that has been set up in 1859 so we exist for a long time in France.

The international business desk has been set up 20 years ago. We work often with Dutch companies that are doing business in France. With our team of Dutch speaking persons, we are always eager to help Dutch companies, as we understand the Dutch culture and the cultural differences they may face.

3. What are the challenges Dutch companies face with banking in France?

Banking in France is not as different as banking in the Netherlands because we are all in the European SEPA area. Online banking is well developed and available in English. Even if in France the cheque still exists, this way of payments is used less and less and replaced by online payments and transfers.

4. Could you tell us about your connection to the Netherlands Business Council France?

We are a proud member of the Netherlands Business Council France. The council points out the importance of a network for Dutch entrepreneurs in France.

When coming to a foreign country it is useful to have a network to develop your business and exchange ideas and experiences.

5. What is your advice to entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business in France?

Be sufficiently prepared, but do not be scared in advance with ideas that you might have of the French business culture. Get advice of specialists; make use of the experience and knowledge that exists in networks like the Netherlands Business Council France and local business clubs.  

France has great business opportunities for you!

CIC Nord Ouest is a member of the Netherlands Business Council France.