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Logo_Uitvoeraangifte.com_1200 As soon as you export goods to countries outside the European Union, you must submit an export declaration to Customs. On you can create an account for free and get started immediately with arranging your export declarations (Customs document or EX-A). The webshop is designed in such a way that you can independently arrange your declarations. Can't quite figure it out? Don't panic, you can always contact our specialists by phone. The other benefits that offers you:
  • A super competitive rate of only € 22,50 per declaration.
  • In each step of the ordering process, we explain exactly what to enter where.
  • Small fixed amount of € 10 for support of our specialists. So no stopwatch that keeps track of time and no high bill afterwards.
  • Fastest turnaround times. Your declaration is automatically forwarded to Customs. Within a few minutes you will receive a message from Customs and you will know whether your shipment can leave.
Also visit Would you also like to arrange a Certificate of Origin or EUR.1 certificate quickly and easily? This is possible in the webshop of

What others say

Henny Beukers

Financial Assistent - APholland

We wanted to declare shipments to Moscow, Russia for a customer of ours. Unfortunately this was not possible. We then started looking and there were few parties where this was possible. Ultimately, we ended up at The webshop thus fits in well with our needs.

Maaike van der Wegen

Administrative Officer - Habraken

The webshop works quickly and easily. The checks are carried out well and at a good price. We sometimes hear very shortly in advance when an export outside the EU, for example Tangier (Morocco), will take place. In those cases, the carrier may already be on the doorstep. Because we receive our export documents very quickly via the webshop, we are able to make make a quick switch. As a result, the carrier does not have to wait unnecessarily long for his transport documents. In short, a short processing time. Fill in, send for verification and in some cases receive an export declaration within 5 minutes. Super!

Carola Bregman
Carola Bregman

Contact us without obligation in Doetinchem will help you with business in .

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