Evenement in 541 Orchard Rd

Transform Your Networking Conversations

  • Datum 10 december 2019 - 6 maart 2021
  • Tijd 10:00 - 16:52
  • Locatie 541 Orchard Rd
  • Organisatie
    • ADB-DutchCham
  • Entree 20,00 SGD
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Transform Your Networking Conversations

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Growing strong relationships is key to your success in any business and making a strong connection is an important step in building trust for future collaboration. To do this effectively in meetings, networking events, conferences and other forums, you need to achieve a delicate balance between being genuinely interested in the other person and talking about yourself and your business. 
In this high practical and interactive workshop session, we will look at the dynamics of those first meetings and give you some tools to help you prepare, engage and connect with your teams, clients and stakeholders.

Outcomes from the workshop:

  • Get great insights into your personal style
  • Understand the impact you have on other people when you connect 
  • Explore the importance of focus in your conversations 
  • Practice key conversation skills such as listening, asking questions and reflecting back.
  • Share networking conversations best practices.  

17.00 – 17.30 pm   Walk in
17.30 – 19:00 pm   Networking session by Don Rapley
19.00 – 20.00 pm  Networking