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Dutcham YPRO Roundtable on Circular Economy

  • Datum 29 september 2020
  • Tijd 16:00 - 17:00
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Dutcham YPRO Roundtable on Circular Economy

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Dutcham Young Professionals (YPRO) invites you to a Special Roundtable on:

Circular Economy - How to be part of this transition

The traditional economic system is a linear process where the resources are taken from the environment. Products are produced, consumed and disposed, often in a very short time. However, this is not the only option.

As an alternative, Circular Economy (CE) is "closing the loop", while converting waste into new raw materials to be regenerated and re-used, minimising the environmental footprint.

The urge for a change from this traditional linear economy to a new model has become even more clear after the pandemic today. Our daily habits drastically changed and we understand now that our consumption behaviours need to change towards a more sustainable living.

Our guest speaker, Mrs Beatriz Luz, will introduce Circular Economy, the global scenario as well as the Brazilian perspective. She will talk about how COVID-19 is highlighting our global vulnerability, the sense of urgency and the need to change business practices in order to attend the "new consumers demands". She will demonstrate the circular benefits through best practices and as such, inspire the debate on what can be our role on the circular transition.

Do not miss the opportunity of participating in this live roundtable and interact directly with our guest speaker through this meeting format.

Our guest speaker