"All online"? How the pandemic is changing e-commerce!" - Webtalk in German-

  • Datum 13 juli 2020
  • Tijd 17:30 - 19:30
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The sudden appearance of the COVID-19 virus and the protective measures with a temporary lockdown have turned people, society and the economy and their behaviour upside down in many ways. Only slowly is a normalization currently taking place. Nevertheless, much has changed and will change. In his lecture "Everything online? How the pandemic is changing e-commerce" Thomas Völcker will analyse the situation from the perspective of online commerce. Based on the changes that COVID-19 has triggered among users of online commerce, he describes the major trends and technical developments in online business. Based on the thesis that almost every gainful activity holds essential success potentials in the "right" use of the online channel, he describes exemplary success factors for entrepreneurs.

This webtalk is in the German language.