Webinar: Predictive Simulation and Digital Twin

  • Datum 23 september 2020
  • Tijd 17:00 - 18:00
Webinar: Predictive Simulation and Digital Twin

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On Wednesday September 23 at 17:00-18:00 (WIB), DBN will host a webinar on Predictive Simulation and Digital Twin, in which Bart Brink, Global Director Digital Twin at Royal Haskoning DHV will be our guest speaker. This sharing session will focus on how leading companies are using this core technology of the Industry 4.0 revolution to gain new foresight that has previously not been available to decision-makers.

As a supply chain, operations, or engineering leader you need to navigate today’s fast-changing business landscape to stay efficient, deliver on-time, and win in the market. Predictive Simulation and Digital Twin provide one answer to deliver valuable and actionable insight into your business operations and supply chains.

We will delve into what is Predictive Simulation and how this can be used to create highly visual and accurate digital twin models of dynamic, real-life assets, systems and processes to drive operational and investment decisions.

Thought leader Bart Brink will share with you his vision and use cases on Digital Twins in industry and how they will change the way we plan and work.

For who?

It will be a virtual small group setting and most relevant for the persons involved in engineering, logistic & supply chain, operations, digital transformation and general management roles.

To register please send an email to info@dutchbusinessnetwork.com