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Interview met Inez Willeboordse van Jobnet Africa

What is it JobnetAfrica exactly does? 

We are a boutique executive search firm. So in short we help companies find their C-suite and management level professionals in Africa. So whether you are searching for senior local or expatriate professionals, JobnetAfrica can find you the right talent to drive your business forward in Africa’s dynamic market. 

What type of companies / clients do you help? 

Mostly international companies active in the African market, both South Africa and into Africa. We specialize in the agricultural, renewable energy and logistics sectors. Examples of clients are the bigger flower companies in East Africa, an e-mobility business in Ghana, but also FMO and Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Do you work together with a lot of Dutch and South African companies? 

Yes, definitely. Most of our team members are based in South Africa, next to Kenya and the Gambia, and quite a few are Dutch or South African. So the link with both Dutch and South African companies is easily made. 

How do you find executives with the right combination of experience, skills, and cultural fit for your clients? 

We understand that finding the right management for the companies we work for is a crucial investment; therefore, we have developed a comprehensive approach. Our recruitment process begins with a thorough investigation of the needs of our client, and a dedicated team, with a vast network in Africa, will be working for the client. 

Do you have ‘people on the shelf’ or how does it exactly work? 

No, I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. We have a big network, which definitely helps, but active headhunting most of time finds us the best candidates. We often say we don’t just recruit on the market, but also in the market. Which means we don’t just look at people who are actively looking for a job, but also, and mainly, at people who hold top positions and are not actively looking for a new role. 

What does BusinessNL do for you? 

BusinessNL is a great way to connect with other businesses. As you might have noticed from my previous answers, networking is a mayor part of our business and BusinessNL is a great and valuable network. 

What is your connection to the Netherlands? 

Of course I’m Dutch, JobnetAfrica is a Dutch company and about half of our team is Dutch. So there is still a very strong connection to the Netherlands. 

Is South Africa one of your biggest markets? 

To be honest, it isn’t at the moment. South Africa is a bit of a difficult market for us. Amongst other things, companies struggle to arrange visas for international professionals. But we are already based here for many years, fully understand the local market as well and are definitely open conduct more business in South Africa.

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Inez Willeboordse van Jobnet Africa

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