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The role of translation in the global economy

By Aliança Traduções*

The Information Age allowed us to create connections everywhere on the planet. Thus, translation gained more importance, as it is now possible to access news, learn trends, know art forms and a series of information from countries with which we had little contact before.

Today, for example, we are able to make a detailed research on the culture and customs of a certain country before starting any type of negotiation. With the internet, it is possible to know the foreign trade legislation, bureaucracy, culture, history, among other information that could make the difference in the commercial relationship.

The language 

The language demands great study and improvement.

The lack of knowledge of the language can make your travels difficult. For many people, travelling to a country where English and Spanish is spoken is not as complicated, as Portuguese is similar, in many aspects, to Spanish and we consume a lot of content in English. However, communication can be a significant barrier in a trip to China or Japan.

In the business world, this global connection is made possible with the service of translation companies or LSPs (Language Service Providers), which remove these barriers and obstacles.

In order for negotiations to happen without problems and with the confidence of all parties involved, it is essential for communication to be clear, efficient and free of errors.

In this post, we will provide further detail on the importance of translating documents to export goods.


Trust needs to be a part of every relationship. That is why it is important for you to feel safe regarding the quality of the translation service provided by the translation company contracted by you.

A correct translation will make communication easy between the parties and make the process more dependable and safer.

Importance of translation 

A quality translation goes beyond a literal translation of words from one language to the other.

It is necessary to be fluent in the languages involved and to be an expert on the subject matter of the document in order to adapt ideas and sentences with complete fidelity to the original message, following grammatical rules and using the correct idioms. That way, the target audience will receive the information clearly and we will avoid problems in communication that may lead to financial losses.

It is worth emphasizing once more the importance of using the services of a specialized translation company. A legal text, for example, must be translated by professionals specialized in the field that will have a better understanding of legal concepts of both the country of origin and destination of the translation.

Sworn or Official Translation 

In Brazil, sworn translations are exclusively conducted by Public Translators and Commercial Interpreters (also known as TPICs or sworn translators). These translators have “public faith” and their work, including the price charged for translations, is governed by Brazilian law and the Commercial Register of their states of residence in Brazil.

Aliança Traduções collaborates with sworn translators of several languages to comply with the translation needs of its clients.

Translation of documents for the import/export of goods 

In order to import or export products, your company needs to translate the following documents: 

  • Invoice: this is the main proof of payment of taxes. The submission of this document is essential both for the exporting party and importing party. 
  • Proforma Invoice: document that lists all the characteristics of the product, quantity, transport costs, payment information, among other data regarding the product. This document includes important instructions to the importer. 
  • Certificate of origin: declaration that indicates the country of origin of your product. 
  • Commercial Invoice: document that formalizes the delivery of products to the importing company. It proves that the business was conducted, and it includes the full data of the proforma invoice. 
  • Packing List: report with all the items that will be sent abroad or were received in Brazil. 

Practicality of the Hague Apostille

The Hague Apostille makes it easy to recognize and certify the documents in all the signatory countries of the Hague Convention. It is a certificate that attests the origin and validity of documents outside the country where they were signed.

The authorities of countries that have signed the convention will issue a seal or stamp that guarantees the legitimacy of the document. Check out our website for all the countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

Aliança Traduções has vast experience in the translation of documents for exporting products. Contact us and get a quotation!

*Aliança Traduções is a member of Dutcham.