Gepubliceerd op 1 december 2021

NLBC: Interview with Impaqed Products

Meet Bert de Boer onwer of Impaqed products. 

Impaqed Products BV in Twello is a supplier of a range of automotive products. In the past years the have gained experience and developed into a specialist in the field of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)

1. Could you please present Impaqed Products BV and the sector in which it operates

In a way that’s difficult to answer, we are active in the Automotive sector, but we are hardly an automotive company. We sell innovative Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, i.e. technical products, mostly for professional vehicles and to professional users. With our systems we help to reduce emissions, reduce fuel/energy consumption, save cost, avoid down time by planning preventive maintenance, and also help to increase road safety. So you could also say we’re in the business of Sustainability, or road safety.

2. Why would you like to expand your business in France?

The main reason to want to expand the business is that we sell our products successfully in many EU countries, but France is staying behind. At the same time I’m absolutely sure that the French market would be embracing our products for the advantages they bring, if they were aware of them.

3. What is your vision and what are your expectation of doing business in France?

Although all countries are different, I’m sure that people in the French market are looking at for example sustainability, safety and cost savings like most people are.

Also I expect not only the French professional users, but also vehicle manufacturers and Telematics companies to have an interest in our products.

So, I expect that if we get our approach, focus and tone of voice right, we should be successful in growing our business in France.

4. What are your experiences so far as a Dutch entrepreneur in France?

Referrals, local contacts and a local presence appear to be key. Where customers from across the EU (and even outside Europe) spontaneously contact us, France is the exception.

I assume that there normally is no real need to look over the border, as within France itself you’ll find all you need in life.

So, we have to reverse the process.

5. What is your relationship with the Netherlands Business council?

We enjoy being a member since a few months, I’m already impressed with the pro-active way members are approached and supported. So I have high expectations.

Impaqed Products is a member of the Netherlands Business Council France.