Webinar: Orange Talk Startup Series: Agribusiness

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The agricultural sector is the foundation for other economic sectors. This is supported by the ever-increasing demand for the products of the agricultural sector every year. Specifically, the development of the agricultural sector will be a strategic component in lifting other industrial sectors. Indonesia's partnership with the Netherlands in the agricultural sector is a form of synergy in the development of the two countries. Better connectivity between the agricultural sector in NL and Indonesia should benefit both parties.

On the other hand, strategic planning in realizing justice and food availability has become the agenda of both countries to achieve better humanitarian and environmental values. Realization of these efforts has been seen through a number of corporate / organizational partnerships for both parties which prioritize these matters. Moving forward, the next challenge would be the advocacy activities to the farmer groups, which serves as a prerequisite to issue importing permits, which have been regulated in several EU public policies related to agricultural and forestry commodities.

Representative from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture

Sidi Manggala, Director of Cinnamon Talk

Yakub Amak, CEO Spiralife

Edward Ismawan Chamdani, CEO Gayo Capital

Moderator: Rina Rachmawati, Lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University - CoFounder FACT Indonesia & Spice Hub Indonesia

Webinar: Orange Talk Startup Series: Agribusiness

  • Datum 30 juli 2021
  • Tijd 14:00 - 15:30
  • Dutch Business Network Indonesia (DBN)