Webinar 1: Doing business in Brazil & current state of affairs - Dutch Embassy

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Brazil has been hit hard by the corona-crisis. What does this mean for Dutch entrepreneurs active here? The Economic Network in Brazil will update you on the developments in a series of 7 webinars. The economic effects of the pandemic differ between regions and sectors.

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America with an internal market of 210 million inhabitants. The country has been hit hard economically by the crisis, but the differences are large by region and sector. With aid programs, the Brazilian government supports companies and individuals who are at risk of falling by the wayside.

Economic consequences after corona
In Brazil, the corona pandemic reaches a peak later than in Europe. The growth in the number of infections in major cities is increasing. The governors of almost all federal states have taken measures to prevent the virus from spreading. In the southeastern and southern regions, the relaxation of the measures is starting to take place in phases. The economy is starting up again in some federal states. In the agricultural sector, production and exports have continued. Privatizations are now being resumed at federal level. The goods flows by sea and by air, also directly from the Netherlands, are uninterrupted and gradually increase in volume again.

Series of webinars from the Economic Network 
In order to provide insights on the current situation and the possibilities that arise with this crisis, the Economic Network in Brazil organizes a series of 7 webinars. The network includes the Embassy in BrasíliaConsulates General in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and NBSOs in Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. Specialists from these organizations and from the Dutch-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (Dutcham) share their knowledge with external guest speakers during these webinars.
These webinars are intended for Dutch entrepreneurs with an interest in doing business with Brazil. 

The first webinar: Doing Business in Brazil & current state of affairs
The webinar series "Doing business in Brazil during and after the corona-crisis" will be opened by the Dutch Ambassador in Brazil, Mr. Kees van Rij. In this first webinar, you will be informed on doing business in Brazil and the current state of affairs. 5 thematic webinars will follow, and at the end, in the last webinar, you will get a picture of the prospects for Brazil after the pandemic.

Registration & Practical Information
• Register for the webinar by sending an e-mail to bra-ez@minbuza.nl;
• You can submit your questions in advance when registering, or ask the speakers via the live chat box during the webinar;
•  Participation is free of charge;
•  Registrations close on the day before and are limited to 100 participants;
•  The webinar will last an average of 40-45 minutes and consists of an introduction, a presentation and Q&A;
•  It will be held in English. Questions can be asked in both English and Dutch.

Webinar 1: Doing business in Brazil & current state of affairs - Dutch Embassy

  • Datum 11 juni 2020
  • Tijd 11:00 - 11:45
Inschrijving gesloten
  • Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (Dutcham Brazil)