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This Saturday (04-December 2021), “Sinterklaas” and his “Pieten” will spend a few hours at the consulate site.

Everything to celebrate the yearly Dutch “Sinterklaas” birthday celebration. Between 13:30 and 17:00 on the grounds of the Consulate General in Istanbul. The doors/gates open at 1:30 PM. Sinterklaas will arrive at 14:15 after which our Consul General - Mr. Arjen Uijterlinde will welcome him. Sinterklaas will then receive the children in small groups in the chapel/church.
Like last time it’s the intention that you arrange a gift for your child(ren). Label the package with the name and age of your child. Preferably on a white background [Label] so that the “Pieten” and “Sint” can see/read it well. We advise you to keep the value of a gift for your child between 75 and 125 Turkish Lira. The gift can be handed over to the NVI organization at entrance!
Sinterklaas can (depending on the number of children and the demand) bring forward several children. If you wish, we suggest that you write a short text in “Arial Narrow font size 16” to forward by email to no later than Thursday 02-12-2021 - 16:00 hours.
There won’t be an opportunity to sit on Sint his lap, this as Sint also likes to respect the "Corona" safe distance regulations.

Rules and Costs of the Sinterklaas party:
Sinterklaas is a children's party where we assume participation up to the age of 12, and this under the supervision of at least one parent. The parents are of course responsible for their children, we ask them to watch their children. Due to Corona, we cannot allow friends or acquaintances (non NVI members).
We are grateful to the company from the DBA sponsor pool “Unilever – Al GIDA” which reimburses the consular “organization” costs, and which allows us to present the following costs for a snack, drink and other refreshments.

The following contributions apply:

Caption text

Payments can only be accepted in advance by bank.
Other arrangements can only be made in urgent situations.

Bank Payment information:
Your contribution/transaction must be paid/received no later than 02-12-2021 on:
Garanti Bank _ Account Name: Hollanda İşbirliği Derneği
IBAN: TR16 0006 2000 4220 0006 2923 62

Under Reference: “Sinterklaas"
Easy Copy/Paste IBAN: TR160006200042200006292362

Send your registration with a bank transfer receipt before 01-12-2021 (18:00) to: Please do not forget to mention the names of the adults and the children with their age.

On the event self, please bring a valid ID and your HES code with you!


  • Datum 4 december 2021
  • Tijd 11:30 - 13:30
  • Locatie Hollanda Konsolosluğu
Inschrijving gesloten
  • Dutch Business Association Turkey (DBA Turkey)