NLBC: Virtual Gateway VR - France

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The Netherlands Business council would like to introduce you to the Virtual Gateway NL

This is a project in association with NLinBusiness, whose concept is to use new technologies to develop cross-country communication between France and the Netherlands.

The "Virtual Gateway VR" project:

Experience Dutch integrated solutions for global challenges by stepping into the Virtual Gateway NL. Use your VR Cardboard to see for yourself and connect to the companies behind the solutions.

With the help of VR glasses, you will be transported to a business site in the Netherlands to discover and experience an online virtual experience. This technology aims to develop the communication but also the visibility of certain sites on an international level.  

More information on the project:

NLBC: Virtual Gateway VR - France

  • Datum 16 september 2021 - 11 juni 2023
  • Tijd 14:00 - 01:00
  • Locatie WeWork Cœur Marais
  • Netherlands Business Council France
  • NLinBusiness