DBN Entrepreneurs Breakfast

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Dear DBN Member, It has become a tradition for DBN to participate in the annual ‘Dag van de Ondernemer’. We invite all entrepeneurs in our network to join us to celebrate our entrepeneurial spirit at the DBN Entrepeneurs Breakfast. It is our way to show appreciation to all entrepeneurs for their courage and perseverance, especially in challenging times like last year. To make this year’s event even more fun, every entrepeneur can bring one fellow entrepeneur to the breakfast.We are hosting the DBN Entrepeneurs Breakfast at two locations in paralel:

  1. In Jakarta, we will meet at KOI in Mega KuninganOwned by Belgian entrepreneur Alain Corneil. Your host here is Sandra (+62 8 12 9409 0373).
  2. On Bali, we will meet at ZIN Cafe in Canggu. Owned by the Dutch entrepeneur Manengo. Your host here is Wouter (+62 8 21 4448 1423).

 Date: Friday 19 November 2021 from 7:00-9:00 am To register, click the link below or send an email to info@dutchbusinessnetwork.com. Please inform us if you come alone or will bring a fellow entrepeneur (free of charge). Limited seats available due to COVID-19 regulations. Please wear a Batik to the breakfast in Jakarta. We would like to take a group photo for MKB Nederland, we for sure will stand out as the entrepreneurs in Indonesia in our Batik. In Bali we will keep things casual. Covid-precautions:

  • We will meet outside on a spacious outdoor-terrace
  • Besides a constant warm air-flow we will make sure there is enough space between people at the tables and there will be hand-sanitizers.
  • We need your help and full support: if you don’t feel well or have a cough, please do not join the breakfast, do not shake hands and keep a safe distance at all times.
  • We will not allow any walk-ins, so please make sure you have registered to join.

DBN Entrepreneurs Breakfast

  • Datum 19 november 2021 - 11 juni 2023
  • Tijd 08:00 - 01:00
  • Dutch Business Network Indonesia (DBN)
  • DBN Indonesia