Connecting Vietnam and The Netherlands in one business platform

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Dear Member or friend of the DBAV – NVCC, 

It is our pleasure to invite you to the first live event for many months of DBAV/NVCC. Recently, the two organizations DBAV & NVCC, announced an intensive collaboration, where by all members of NVCC join the DBAV/NVCC network.  

With this collaboration, DBAV/NVCC will offer one Dutch-Vietnamese business platform to businesses and professionals in both countries. Thanks to the larger membership and contact databases, a larger network will be created, while members of both organizations can expect more services end benefits in both the Netherlands and Vietnam. 

Note about location: this event will be held in the Malietoren, Bezuidenhoutseweg 12, 2594 AV The Hague
See the full event description here. 

New Member and Gold Sponsor: Stone X Global Payments 

We are looking forward to welcoming more new members. One of these new members is StoneX Global Payments. Besides becoming a member, we are grateful that StoneX Global Payments will be the Golden Event Sponsor of a DBAV/NVCC event. Laurens Maartens, Business Manager Global Payments Division at StoneX Global Payments will explain more about the world of international transactions, the intricacies of transferring money from and to Vietnam, and will highlight the role that StoneX can play for its clients.

Booklet: Doing business in The Netherlands

Dutch trade with Vietnam is not a one-way street. Vietnamese exporting companies know to find the way to Dutch customers, and imports are increasing every year. To help Vietnamese businesses succeed in The Netherlands, our member La Gro Geelkerken Advocaten has created a Vietnamese guide: Doing Business in The Netherlands. This (Vietnamese) book will be presented and the first copy will be handed over to Ambassador of Vietnam, Pham Viet Anh. 


The Covid Pandemic has left scratches and marks on international trade. But with the recent reopening of the borders in Vietnam, and the well-advancing implementation of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, there are opportunities for trade like never before. Lise Hordijk, International Business Manager at NLinBusiness, will give an outlook on trade between The Netherlands and Vietnam and where he believes the biggest business opportunities are. 

Connecting Vietnam and The Netherlands in one business platform

  • Datum 8 april 2022
  • Tijd 16:00 - 18:00
  • Locatie Malietoren
  • Dutch Business Association In Vietnam (DBAV)