Bouncing Forward with PwC - Innovate now!

  • Datum 7 mei 2020
  • Tijd 10:00 - 12:00
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Bouncing Forward with PwC - Innovate now!

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Pivot to the future - Innovate now!

Although Hong Kong has experienced a similar epidemic in the recent past, never has our contemporary world experienced such a disruption like the one we are currently experiencing. We have likely never needed to innovate more than now! We cannot wait for this to pass, how do we collaborate to innovate while working remotely?

Sometimes innovating is as simple as changing the story or updating marketing to reflect a new reality. Often you do not completely need to change what you do, but find new ways to deliver your product, dust off old ideas, experiment with existing strengths or search for new customers. The biggest challenge facing businesses is the failure to look forward.

Come join us for a workshop with PwC where we will hear about the landscape and current trends happening in China and globally around innovation. We will have a hands-on experience with innovation tools and frameworks PwC has been using with clients that offer solutions for problems that provide a high return on investment and help increase customer experience. Furthermore, we will exchange ideas about future opportunities, and new ways to generate income and retain customer relevance.

Guest speakers:

  • Mark Gilbraith - PwC Consumer Markets Management Consulting Leader
  • Steven Jiang - PwC Strategy& China Digital Practice Leader
  • Guy Parsonage – PwC Partner and Experience Consulting Leader
  • Ruud Sommerhalder - PwC Leader Insurance Practice

What to do now & What to do next. You will leave the webinar with new insights and qualitative, sharp output that will help shape your business going forward.