MHC Mobility Day - Journey to the Future of Mobility

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We have the pleasure to invite you to join the event of our Platinum Sponsor:

MHC Mobility Day - Journey to the Future of Mobility

May 19, 2022
DriveLand Polska
Akademia Bezpiecznej Jazdy Tomasza Kuchara
Żyrardowska 2, 96-325 Słabomierz

The aim of this event is to promote elecrtic vehicles, as well as spread awareness of the e-transformation of fleets.

As part of the one-day event, the participants will get to know the full range of electric, hybrid and combustion cars as well as electric bicycles and scooters available on the Polish market.

Also, guests will have the opportunity to get to known each other, talk with representatives of automotive concerns, as well as meet interesting guests and hosts. 


  • Sector journalists and medias
  • Experts from the electromobility industry
  • Experts of the government support program "My Electric"
  • Representatives of the PSPA
  • Special Guest: TOMASZ KUCHAR


09:00 Guests Registration (breakdown in to 6 groups)

10:00 Official opening by the host

10:15 Board welcome speech

10:30 START (Groups start at the same moment in different locations – guest flow)

During training sessions teams

12:3014:00 Lunch on the terrace

14:30 New Renault Menage E-Tech PREMIERE

15:30 Handing out certificates

16:00/17:00 End

MHC Mobility Day - Journey to the Future of Mobility

  • Datum 19 mei 2022
  • Tijd 09:00 - 17:00
  • Locatie DriveLand Polska
Inschrijving gesloten
  • Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC)