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More entrepreneurs abroad, that is our goal. Is this your goal too? Or are you committed to international business in a different way? Then we would like to work with you. For example, by organizing an event together: from a lecture or workshop to a social gathering. Or do you want us support you or your organization digitally? We are happy to tell you how that works. Would you rather schedule a personal conversation? Please call us to make it happen!

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We work together with industry associations, councils, private parties and public organisations.

The possibilities are endless, as long as it helps entrepreneurs in international business. Our goal is to join forces so that we can offer entrepreneurs the best help for their steps abroad. There is a lot of information about doing business abroad, but it is fragmented and an entrepreneur does not always know where to go for the (correct) information. By working together, we make the landscape more transparent. How do we do this? By connecting with service providers both online and offline.

Offline collaborations: network get-togethers, workshops and much more!

Together with our partners we organise events, entrepreneurial trips, workshops, networking get-togethers and more. We will put you in contact with business councils, embassies, service providers and entrepreneurs. Both in the Netherlands, and beyond. In our 40 Cities of Opportunity we build platforms for entrepreneurs with international ambitions. There are many entrepreneurs who would like to take the next step abroad, but have not yet done so. It is up to us to inspire them to move forward.

Would you like to cooperate or work together in some other way? We are open to anything. Both in the Netherlands and abroad! If you are interested, be sure to call us to discuss all the possibilities.


Offline collaborations: network get-togethers, workshops and much more!

Collaborate online: choose our digital solutions

Thanks to the content platform of NLinBusiness and our partner sites, you can easily reach thousands of entrepreneurs with your content. You can also use an API solution created by our partners to provide your own website with useful content. This is extremely useful for reaching your supporters. As of now, you can also choose to purchase a White label template from us. A ready-made website, branded to your companies’ style.

Read more about our digital solutions here. helping entrepreneurs to grow internationally: give them the right information, at the right time, in the right place.

Contact us via office@nlinbusiness.com or make a call appointment.


Collaborate online: choose our digital solutions
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