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Southquest specializes in management of projects, and export from Europe to Latin America and vice versa. Southquest is active in the water, renewable energy and medical sectors. Our services consist of actual export or project management, not consultancy.

Southquest will actively work together with your company to achieve exports or to realise a project. Southquest works in a demand driven way. We can only be successful if there is real demand for your products or services.

To achieve success, Southquest cooperates with many partners, potential end-clients, distributors, agents and networks like the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Embassies, NBSO’s, Holland Houses and other service providers.

What others say

Robin Hooghiemstra

Marketing & Salesmanager - NEA International

Brigitte Duffhues is an important addition to our export organization. With knowledge of local business life, excellent communication skills and language skills, Brigitte can quickly open doors and ensure fulfillment of agreements. We have undertaken trips and fairs with her for market research and to select local partners.

Wouter Meuldermans

CEO - Bioquest Alliance

Brigitte participates in Bioquest Alliance and is our CCO. In a short time she realised the commercial structure for our plant in Belgium to convert plastic and biomass in energy

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Phone +31613001718


Beekdal 4, 4851 SW Ulvenhout

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