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Would you like to know whether your relations are on a sanctions list, whether you do business with a sanctioned country or whether your products are dual-use? With the Sanctioncheck you can check this quickly and easily online. Avoid unnecessary surprises and go through all the names of your customers and suppliers through the Sanctioncheck and check all your HS codes for dual-use.


The Sanctioncheck is a product of Online B.V. We make automated compliance solutions and are a young and fast growing Regtech company.


More info: contact Sanctioncheck via the contact button.

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Stefan Timmerman

CFO - GenDx

GenDx develops high-quality medical diagnosis tools for, among other things, stem cell and bone marrow transplants. We supply our products to hospitals and transplant centers worldwide. Our suppliers are also located worldwide. We periodically check our relationships with the Sanction Check. Previously, we manually checked whether our relations were on the sanction lists. The Sanction Check makes this process much faster and easier.

Eric Schouten

Owner - Dyami

Dyami supports organizations with the safe organization of business trips. For this we have and are establishing contacts throughout countries. With the Sanction Check we check whether our contacts are not on a sanction list. This gives us and our clients peace of mind and security.

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