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Intercultural Professionals is the intercultural training, coaching and consultancy branch of the KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Since 1968, we have helped businesses, governments and professionals to perform better in intercultural contexts and achieve a more effective global workforce. We believe in the value of effective intercultural communication for the performance of individuals, teams, and whole organisations, while helping to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable world. Due to the regularity with which we run programs, we continuously collect examples of incidents. Our training courses thus remain a reflection of current events. We value co-creation and most of our programs are tailor-made programs.

What others say

Ton Meijer

Human Resources Manager - J. de Jonge Group BV

I had no knowledge of the Saudi labor market and manners. During the training I learned, for example, about the distinction between Sunnis and Shiites and their relevance to the labor market. The great role that family plays in culture was also an eye-opener for me. What I always found (unnecessary) small talk now helps me to connect.

Achy van Poppel

Executive Assistant to CEO - APG Asset Management (APG AM)

A team of management assistants from APG Asset Management recently participated in the workshop "Doing business in Asia". This group plays a coordinating role in planning, co-organizing receipts in the Netherlands and preparing Asian travel. During the workshop, the team was briefly included in the background of the Asian (business) culture, codes of conduct and mentality. The information and insights provided are very useful to make future events and trips a success.

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KIT Intercultural Professionals

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