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China Access is a professional agency that provides translations, interpreting services and Chinese trainings aimed at entrepreneurs active in China. We intent to make communication with the Chinese as clear, efficient and pleasant as possible.

Our people speak the language, know the customs and know their way around China. Our team consists out of sinologists and Chinese native speakers, in the Netherlands and China.

You can contact us for:

  • (sworn) translations of documents, brochures, business cards, websites, etc.
  • interpreting services during presentations, company visits, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • training and workshops in the field of language and culture.
What others say

Pony Ma

Sales Engineering Director WP - Vanderlande Industries Logistics Automated Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

I’ve been to several cultural training programs in a variety of fields and this has been one of the best, by far. I was very impressed with how the knowledge was translated into usability in the field and the way you presented incorporating with the historical background. The reference materials are very comprehensive and an excellent means of conveying the information. Furthermore, you have a superior approach that is handled in a professional manner. Your program is well organized and the demonstrations are very effective. I was really excited about becoming involved with such a top training activity. The interactive group discussion gives all the participants a good ground to refine and practice what they just learned. The instant feedback from surrounding expedites the learning curve. The training instills confidence, the session provides motivation, the coaches bring enthusiasm to everyone who joined and provides plenty opportunities to utilize out of the training room throughout the daily life. I’m proud to introduce it to other colleagues or friends or all of you who have the same wish to enhance your cultural awareness, improve your communication with other people, or simply to understand the world better!

Marjo Crompvoets

Quartermaster Knowledge network China - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

I can vividly remember how we facilitated a training course for our Chinese and Dutch colleagues at the Consulate in Guangzhou. During an exciting training session "intercultural communication", Lilian Kranenburg and Lianne Baaij took the colleagues along the banks of Chinese and Dutch ideas. In an interactive way they showed how insight into the origins of everyone's historical, philosophical and social motives can be the key to effective communication. Serious material that was enlightening and entertaining!

Bert de Haas

- Dutch Tax Authorities

Was set up well, a great fit with what we had proposed in advance to focus on. High-quality and enthusiastic trainer.

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Contactperson Lianne Baaij
Phone +31 30 2513799
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