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Who are we?
Aon is the leading advisor in risk, retirement and health solutions. We help our customers to achieve their goals more easily. We do this by letting customers take responsible risks.

What is our aim?
We analyze the risks, offer independent and sustainable (insurance) solutions and assist our customers if a risk arises. We do this in the Netherlands with 2,500 committed and expert colleagues. Worldwide network in 120 countries with 50,000 experts.

More about the company
Influential decisions are made every day, by you and in your environment. Taking decisions often includes taking risks.
But how do you recognize risks, make them manageable and how can you cover them. Good risk management, knowledge and insight are essential in this.

If you would like to know more about Aon, take a look at the information for investors, our customer brochure or how we use CSR. Take a look at our rich history or our code of conduct & ethics. For the latest insights and our vision on relevant developments, visit the news room. How are we organized? If you would like additional information, we are happy to help you, check the contact page.

Our name
Aon is the Celtic word for ‘Unity’. At Aon we start from the power of the whole. As a thought leader, we facilitate in knowledge. We share our knowledge with the vision: look beyond today so that you are ready for the changes of tomorrow. That is the promise to our customers, colleagues and insurers.

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What others say

drs. S.M. (Sandra) Cats


Aon has helped us to arrange a business travel policy with automatic warfare coverage (war violence and looting is covered), so that we no longer have to report business trips to war zones and there is automatic coverage. This saves both time and premium in red tape. This allows us to send our people on a more responsible journey. We want to do everything we can to meet our duty of care. It may be good to add that we really appreciate your easy accessibility, speed and constructive input on the best service, in order to serve the experts we deploy as well as possible.


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