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Agriprogress realises sustainable progress for and with companies in the agri and food sector by means of advice, management, brokerage and training. Agriprogress (with offices in Deventer and Bucharest) stands for sustainable progress in the agri and food chains. Through our commitment we want to create new perspectives within and outside your company. You can engage us for the development of new markets, services and business models. Our customers are banks, investors, government organisations (e.g. embassies), suppliers to farmers / horticulturists, farmers / horticulturists themselves and the processors. In the Netherlands, we focus on the development of new sustainable chain concepts, on improving results and on internationalisation. We match high-quality Dutch knowledge and technology internationally with local questions, for example by forming high-quality clusters. We provide all-round management support for the improvement of the business or for the development of new business and, if necessary, participate in a risk-bearing manner. Agriprogress has thinkers and doers, we can help you to think about and develop investment ideas, but also to actually get the idea off the ground. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. Agriprogress is active with sustainability projects in the Netherlands as well as with internationalisation of companies abroad. We can help you plan your export and also realise it (possibly using the RVO Starters International Business subsidy, 3 free consultation days). Thanks to our networks in Eastern Europe and Western Europe, it is also possible to set up trade and logistics and vice versa.

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Hoite Schaap

Sales Manager - Holland Dairy House Romania

Holland Dairy House Romania ( is a group of 15 dairy farm and processing suppliers working together. Agriprogress is manager of the cluster and supports them in their business development. Set up of new companies, exhibitions, market research, search and selection distributors.

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Nieuwe Rij 11, 7413 ZX Deventer

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