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Project development, interim management, consultancy, study trips and training by a network of seasoned agrifood specialists. We have helped more than 40 Dutch companies/investors/governments to develop their Romanian business (of which 5 are outside the agri-food sector) in all phases of their development, market exploration, marketing planning, search, selection and coaching of distributors and organization of trade fairs. Worldwide, we always work from a chain approach. Experience is available in the supply, primary sector, collection, processing and marketing. We carry out organizational improvement processes in the Netherlands. Our practical knowledge, seniority and proven results in practice are distinctive. There are more than 25 years of experience in financing initiatives, including the programs such as SIB and PIB of the RVO.

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Hoite Schaap

Sales Manager - Holland Dairy House Romania

Holland Dairy House Romania ( is a group of 15 dairy farm and processing suppliers working together. Agriprogress is manager of the cluster and supports them in their business development. Set up of new companies, exhibitions, market research, search and selection distributors.


Nieuwe Rij 11, 7413 ZX Deventer

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