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Academie aan de Angstel

1421 Consulting Group (1421) is specialized in supporting Western companies setting up and growing their business in China. Via our one-stop service model, we are able to balance the initial investment needed to discover opportunities and open the Chinese market with expected returns of investment. We use our strong knowledge and network for assisting companies in China. The combination of our Western colleagues with vast experience in China, and our Chinese colleagues with strong understanding of the Western needs and desires, makes us able to assist you in the best possible way. Next to an office in the Netherlands we also have offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen. 

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Peter Potters

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-owner - Informer Software B.V.

We are very happy with the solution to take German lessons via video conferencing. This way of learning is very efficient and valuable to us. This course is relevant to us and that was exactly what we were looking for. At Academie Aan de Angstel you can really learn tailor-made German.

Jelle de Jong

Technical Sales Coordinator - AVK Plastics

At Academie Aan de Angstel I was taught by Anne Kewitsch, a very skilled but also fun teacher. She had a keen eye for what I wanted to learn. Truly a tailor-made German course. We were also able to do the sessions online. I would definitely recommend Academie Aan de Angstel!

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Phone +31 (0)85 0606054
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Academy Aan de Angstel

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