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Export select logo ExportSelect recruitment is aimed at candidates with practical export sales experience, language skills, relevant industry knowledge and country experience. These are candidates who are adept at dealing with cultural differences, have experience with local distribution structures and are used to travelling. ExportSelect is therefore the only recruitment and selection agency that specializes in the recruitment of export managers, export account managers or international sales management. With our knowledge of the labor market and export organizations, we compile the right recruitment profile for every export vacancy. Due to the focus on export and our large candidate database, we already know many suitable candidates personally. Assessment of export competences for export sales management: ExportSelect has developed a unique export manager assessment for important export competences such as: perseverance, flexibility, empathy, negotiation, independence, initiative, customer orientation and result orientation. With the results of this test, our interview with candidates and with additional tips on personal development, we have a predictive view on the functioning of the future export manager. Large database of export candidates: We find the best export manager or international account manager by applying a broad benchmark comparison. Our shortlist of candidates is 100% tailored to the desired job profile. We make no concessions to that. We guarantee a sufficient supply of candidates, so that there is something to choose. The right export manager or account manager is critical to export success. He/she has export knowledge, sufficient language skills, has a strong travel capacity and knows the local distribution structures and markets within the industry. Based on our knowledge of the labor market, our export network (online and offline) and supported with online advertising and social media profiling, we always provide a solution.
Raymond Smid
Raymond Smid

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