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Bouwen aan Betere Bedrijven logo You have a successful business that is booming. Whether your turnover is rising or stagnating, sooner or later you will become curious about other markets as an entrepreneur. But how do you work that virgin land? With the right insights, your expansion has a much better chance of success! With the GROWTHmapper assessment aimed at internationalization, you thoroughly prepare your company for the challenges associated with internationalization. Thousands of companies have already preceded you. You gain insight into the points of attention of your company and perceptions of your management team based on extensive analyses. And that goes much further than just the GROWTHmapper report. Think of it as a 0 reading before a successful expansion. What's in it for you? In addition to a clear report with extensive visuals, we show per discipline which steps must be taken to steer your international ambition in the right direction. Only after coordination of each other's visions, of course. First, the noses will have to face the same direction. To achieve this, we discuss mutual insights in detail, and during two presentations open questions will be asked so that answers can be validated, to achieve a 'like-minded' deepening. After the presentation(s), an evaluation follows, and priorities and necessary actions are placed in the right order so that objectives can be achieved. The result? Reaching your goal faster with less tuition and frustration, guaranteed!

What others say

Hugo van Osch

DGA Arte - Arte

I can understand why this program has an impact on SMEs!

Lars van der Hoorn

DGA Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek - Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek

Bouwen aan Betere Bedrijven has given us as a team insight into the themes that require more attention for the further growth of our organization. The guidance in this process was very professional.

Max Camp

Operationeel Directeur - Madolex

By using GROWTHmapper, we as an organization have gained insight into our points of interest. It is up to us to tackle these together with Bouwen aan Betere Bedrijven so that we can continue to build an increasingly better company.

Geert Cox

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