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Are you active in the Sustainability & Water Management sector? On this page you will find more information about these sectors in Mexico. The sectors are divided into the following topics:

  • Water & Maritime
  • Sustainability
  • Waste management

Water & maritime

Mexico is a large country with a total area of ​​1.9 million square kilometers, two long coastlines and several major rivers. In the country, an average of 760 mm of water falls annually, which corresponds to 1489 km2 per year. Partly because of this, Mexico has large natural water resources.

While this has many benefits, it also carries other dangers. Due to its geographical location, the country is regularly exposed to serious hydro-meteorological hazards, such as hurricanes and intense rainfall. While this is good for the availability of surface water and the natural replenishment of aquifers, it also causes damage to the population, infrastructure and services. More than eight million people were affected by heavy rainfall between 1980 and 2010.

Water & maritime

Policy framework for water

Although there is an abundance of water in parts of Mexico, there are also parts of the country where there is a water scarcity. Mexico has an existing and well-developed policy framework for water resources management. However, the implementation of the policy framework is not smooth. Municipalities are responsible for providing public water distribution and sewerage services. The most common organisational form is the provision of water services through a local water company. In addition, the drinking water distribution systems are not centralised.

In Mexico, 75% of the available water is used in the agricultural sector, 14.6% for private household use, 5.5% for the energy sector and 4.1% for the industrial sector. The national water program (programa nacional hídrico) set the targets that by 2018 63% of wastewater should be cleaned and recycled and 8 million people should have access to drinking water. Unfortunately, the current percentage of recycled water is 57%.

Policy framework for water

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Uneven distribution of water

Water is unevenly distributed in Mexico. About 74% of the population lives in areas with limited access to water. Urban water management is the most problematic sector. Especially in Mexico City, the water purification and wastewater systems are facing major challenges. The water consumption per person in the capital is an average of 300 liters per day. In the Netherlands this is an average of 119 liters per person.

In addition to the high water consumption in urban areas, there are also households that do not have access to water. 1.25 million households do not have access to running water and another 1 million households have limited access.

Uneven distribution of water

Opportunities in water

Mexico aims to get 35% of its energy consumption from renewable sources. This brings opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs. An overview of these opportunities can be found below:

  • Water purification solutions
  • Water management in the energy sector
  • Uneven water distribution
Opportunities in water

Market report Water in Mexico

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The need for innovative environmental technology in Mexico has risen sharply in recent years due to the new sustainability goals of the Mexican government. One of the most prominent sustainability goals states that by 2024, 35% of energy consumption should be generated from renewable sources. Want to know more about this? Then view our page on the energy & maritime sectors.

The electric vehicle industry is growing gradually, which in the long term will create many interesting opportunities in this market. Dutch entrepreneurs can add value to Mexico by contributing to the development of electronic vehicles and charging stations. In addition, there are opportunities in the fast charging infrastructure with 100% renewable energy. The Netherlands is a frontrunner in regular and fast charging systems for electric cars and has expertise in implementing these technologies.


Waste management

Population growth and increasing industrialization pose major challenges to Mexican water and waste management systems. In Mexico, 1.1 kg of waste per person will be produced daily in 2020. This is comparable to the Netherlands. However, Mexico’s waste management system has room for improvement. Currently, 66% of waste goes to general landfills, 20% to open-air landfills, 8% to controlled landfills and only 5% is recycled.

According to the Mexican Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), this high waste generation is the main reason for high air pollution in Mexican urban areas.

Waste management

Opportunities in sustainability

There are many opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs in the sustainability sector of Mexico. Below an overview:

  • Small-scale biogas plant: opportunities exist for producers of special management waste (SMW), including hotel chains, factories and schools. Small-scale biogas could offer producers the solution to convert waste into a solution that can generate energy in installations.
  • Biogas to Biogas: There are opportunities to produce biogas and upgrade it to biogas to compete with natural gas. Since CFE uses natural gas for its electricity production and the bulk of the gas is imported from the United States and regions, due to a shortage of natural gas in the Yucatan Peninsula, biogas could play an important role.
Opportunities in sustainability

  • Biogas as an energy storage facility: storage of biogas to contribute to peak energy production when electricity hub prices are at the highest point. This application can produce energy for the Mexican grid and for sectors in regional areas, such as the agricultural sector.
  • From waste to new products: new products can be produced from waste in a sustainable circular economy. This provides a concrete business case in Mexico.
  • Electric vehicles

Market reports sustainability

Do you want to know more about the opportunities in the sustainability sector in Mexico? Download the report below.

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